“I’d like to congratulate you on selecting Dr. Bollenbacher as your Doctor of Optometry. Not only is he a great person, he is a very conscientious optometrist who goes beyond providing good eye care. In my case, I have the genes and background that have resulted in several facial skin cancers and successful removals. For me, it means semi-yearly visits to the dermatologists to maintain the cancer-free condition. Several years ago, I had an eye examination with Dr. Bollenbacher and although he did not know of my skin cancer history, he was very concerned about a little bump on my eye lid. I told him I had not noticed it. He said he would have it checked out and I said I would. As it turned out, that bump was skin cancer and my dermatologists had not detected it on earlier visits. The dermatologist had to remove a significant portion of my eyelid in order to rid me of the cancer. A plastic surgeon then had to take skin from behind my ear to build up the eyelid and actually sewed the upper and lower eye lids together during the healing process.


In short, if Dr. Bollenbacher had not gone beyond the normal process of an eye exam, I would have gone on longer with a serious problem that would have been even harder to resolve than it was!

I believe you are fortunate to have Dr. Bollenbacher working for you and I know you will appreciate, as I do, the attention and service that he can provide.”

EH, Boulder (Sept ’07)



“I was just fitted for Contacts. Dr. Bollenbacher is great - very knowledgeable and he helped me get my contacts in and out - and that for some reason has never been easy for me. I highly recommend Dr. Bollenbacher.”

JM, Boulder (Sept ’09)



"Dr. Bollenbacher is the best optometrist I've worked with, hands down. I found him several years ago when I was looking for an optometrist within walking distance of where I work. I wanted to have someone close by whom I could see in between visits to my eye specialist in Denver. Dr. B is: 

  • Generous with his time and happy to answer my questions
  •  Easy for me to schedule appointments with, even though I work 8am to 6pm
  • Personable, caring, and professional
  • Knowledgeable about vision AND eye health"

SC, Boulder (Nov ’09)



"I found Dr. Bollenbacher by chance and he saved my eyesight!  The Great Dr. found a torn retina in my right eye and made the appointment for the specialist for me.  Since then I have had my check ups with Dr. Bollenbacher and I am impressed with the equipment he has and how he takes the time to explain everything you may have a question about.  Thank you many times Dr. Bollenbacher."

NS, Boulder (Feb '10)



"Never before have I been so comfortable with new lenses in my eyeglasses.  (Usually I'm dizzy and nauseated and complaining for some time with a new prescription).   My double vision and reading have been helped immensely.  You were very patient and kind with me."

JC, Boulder (April, '12)