Is this contagious? Can I still go to work?

conjunctival granuloma secondary to parinaud's cat scratch fever

This individual is not contagious.  But he does have a serious case of Parinaud's cat scratch fever.  We shared this photo with you to help you understand not all cases of red eyes are due to dryness, "pink eye," or simple common bacterial infections.  


If your eye is red for more than a day, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.  If you have loss of vision, pain or light sensitivity, especially if you are a contact lens wearer, it could be a vision threatening problem.  This should be evaluated immediately by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, rather than your primary care physician.

Dry Eyes

Whether the cause is age-related, rheumatoid arthritis, ocular rosacea, blepharitis, dysthyroid, or other rheumatological disease, dry eyes can negatively affect your vision and quality of life.  We work hard to determine the cause, quality and extent of your dry eye problem.  With this knowledge, we can offer more effective treatment options to improve your problem.


Silicone punctal plugs for individuals with dry eyes
Here is a helpful drawing of the lacrimal drainage system, including the puncta. In many cases, we can insert temporary or long-term punctal plugs to slow the drainage of your tear film and improve dry eye symptoms and reduce the need to add artificial tears.
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